Creating a win-win for communities and wetlands in Montenegro

Creating a win-win for communities and wetlands in Montenegro

The Ulcinj Salina is a natural salt flat located in the southernmost part of Montenegro. Covering just over 14 square kilometers, the Ulcinj Salina is one of the largest salt flats in Europe. The saline basins are fed by the Adriatic Sea and the Bojana River, and are separated from each other by dikes. The establishment of the Ulcinj Salina began in 1913, when the wetland was first connected to the sea. However, The abandonment of salt production in Ulcinj salina in 2013 has had a significant negative impact on the landscape and ecology of the site.

With the generous support of the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), MAW is embarking on a project entitled, “Sustainable use of peloids (mud) from the Ulcinj Saltpans Nature Park”. This project’s aim is to explore the business potential of using the mud from Ulcinj Salina. First, we will conduct a study on which saltpans clays could be used sustainably and potentially help finance the sustainable management of the site. MAW engaged Mr Gojko Nikolic, renouned scientist from the University of Montenegro, to conduct a quantitative assessment of the peloid suitable for sustainable extraction. This is the first time that peloid research has been conducted in this region and the study will contain a literature review of the geospatial base and geology of the region, geo-ecological characteristics, detailed report on the samples collected, etc.

At the end of this project, conservationalists will have the information they need to develop a sustainable relationship between Ulcinj Saltpans and the residents who live nearby.

Author: Aymen ABROUGUI

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