Through our five distinct actions, we are increasing the capacity of Mediterranean societies to ensure the protection, restoration and sustainable use of wetlands and rivers

Site Specific Advocacy

Our red alerts help local CBOs & NGOs raise an alarm for wetlands under threat and suggest solutions to decision-makers to reduce or stop threats based on scientific evidence and field experience.

Local Solutions

We create impactful solutions through developing protocols and methodologies for local conservation and restoration

Influencing Policy

We bring a voice to rivers and wetlands through helping local people advocate and change national policy so that wetlands and rivers are protected and used sustainably.

Capacity Building & Training

We develop and conduct tailor-made training programmes for community based organizations (CBOs) to protect wetlands and rivers. These programmes include advocacy as well as how to grow financially sustainable CBOs.

Communication & Knowledge Sharing

We share best practices within our Network and with local organizations. We popularize scientific research and knowledge with local communities, decision-makers, and other organisations.

The Green Light Initiative

The Green Light initiative is a way for communities to garner the best professional support from the Alliance to restore wetlands. This approach aims first to build a comprehensive pan Mediterranean map of sites in which wetland restoration is feasible and can provide long-term benefits to nature and people. We take into account physical factors such as surface hydro-ecological characteristics and land use patterns, local expert’s assessments, and the presence of NGOs able to conduct restoration actions. Then, we work together to make a restoration plan and visual models to encourage decision-makers and donors to start restoration actions in the selected locations. 

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