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Lake Ichkeul is the last large freshwater lake in a chain that once stretched along North Africa. The biggest challenge facing Lake Ichkeul is climate change and man-made pollution. Residents of the Ichkeul region suffer from marginalization, the departure of young people, and very poor economic and social conditions, especially for women.

The overall objective of our project is to contribute to a sustainable economic and social development of the Ichkeul area, through the valorisation of natural and human resources. The planned activities are a reinforcement of capacities by training of the working team in environmental activities in the area of Lake Ichkeul; training of young people and women in the area of Ichkeul in the creation of projects and innovation, with the establishment of a system of consultation and entrepreneurship ; the creation of a group of women entrepreneurs (GFE) of the zone of Ichkeul; a fair to market the products of the territory; and finally a site and a Web application to make known the products of the Lake Ichkeul.

Note: This is the only micro-project of the 1st tranche to be sub-contracted by NGO project partners to a local emerging NGO.

AFD-FFEM amount (€) : 12000
Key component : Cap. Building local popula-tions, Ichkeul

[Duration: Sept 2020-Sept 2021; Total amount: 41 564,07 TND = €13 120; Amount AFD-FFEM: 38 381,93 TND / €12 000; Co-financing: 3 197,05 TND / €1120].

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