The project aims to strengthen the role of the Walidia Wetland (Ramsar site) Visitor Information Centre for environmental education and awareness raising of the general public (local and summer visitors) on the importance of wetlands and their biodiversity.

The aim is to renew and update the permanent exhibition located in the information area offered by the Water and Forests Department. This space will host awareness-raising and information activities on various themes related to the conservation of wetlands. The centre’s equipment will contain scientific and technical material, as well as communication supports for the information and awareness of visitors. Through the various programmes of the centre, the project aims to train and inform students, and to develop eco-gestures among citizens with regard to natural heritage, so that the local population and visitors are able to appreciate the issues that threaten the ecological systems of the Sidi Moussa-Walidia complex. To consolidate this role, awareness activities for the general public (summer visitors in particular) will be implemented.

AFD-FFEM amount (€) : 11.000
Key component : Visitor centre + Environ. Education

[Implementation: April 2020/March 2021; Total amount: 253 000 dh (€23 000); AFD-GEF: 121 000 dh (€11 000); cofinancing in kind: 132 000 dh (€12 000)].

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