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The project aims to provide an assessment of the mutual impacts of airport / habitats / birds / aircrafts that may result from the construction of an airport complex near the Narta lagoon (a Ramsar site) and raise awareness on the importance of the Narta area for preserving valuable biodiversity elements.

This project will develop important documents that will serve both the Albanian government and the concession company as a preliminary assessment of the mutual impacts of the construction of an airport in an area of high diversity and density of birds. In practice, it will :

– Develop a risk assessment report on the construction of an airport in a protected area with a high diversity of bird species, and not only.

–  Organize two open forums to discuss the biological importance and the effects or impacts of building an airport in the area.

– Support schools in active awareness raising programs for environmental protection and promotion of the Narta area.

– Communicate permanently in the media about the progress of the project and support with visibility materials.

– Organize a national level meeting to present and reflect on the project results.

AFD-FFEM amount (€) : 11.000
Key component : Assessing risks of building an airport near Narta lagoon

[Duration: one year; Total amount: €22,180; AFD-FFEM: €11,000; Co-financing in kind €11,180].

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