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A short film on the IWC program in Libya in 2019 and 2020, including the census activities, covered sites and interviews with some members of the team who counting the wintering waterbirds in Libya. The film will highlight the importance of IWC and wetlands. The sponsors and supporters of IWC in Libya will be included in this film, to show the collaboration between the local GO’s, NGO’s and the international NGO’s and institutions.

AFD-FFEM amount (€) : 1500
Key component : Short film on IWC in Libya

[Duration: March – June 2020; Total amount: 3000 LYD = 1900 €; TdV’s contribution to AFD-FFEM project: 2300 LYD = 1500 €; Co-financing: 700 LYD = 400 €].

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