We are The Mediterranean Alliance for Wetlands

Our Alliance brings a voice to the wetlands and rivers. As a network of 32 of the best conservation organizations across 15 countries, we help Mediterranean communities ensure wetlands and rivers’ protection, restoration, and sustainable use.

We help community-based organizations protect wetlands and rivers by advocating with authorities for implementing and enforcing policies. We are also a knowledge hub where we actively share and improve lessons learned and technical approaches amongst our members and community organizations.

Importance of Wetlands

Wetlands are a versatile climate and biodiversity hack; They contain more biodiversity than forests, holding 40% of the planet’s species on just 7% of the land. The Mediterranean region hosts around 400 coastal lagoons that provide important feeding areas for many marine species, thus contributing to the sustainability of fish stock.

Yet, sadly, they remain the world’s most threatened ecosystem.

Nowadays, the Mediterranean wetlands are in danger of collapse without a more active local management. However, local, community-based organizations often need assistance organizing and effective protection campaigns with authorities.

Learn About Mediterranean Wetlands Challenges

Dams & Water Abstraction

Alters ecosystems, blocks species from travelling, and reduces water availability.

Over-Exploitation of Species

Reduces the populations of species that are hunted, fished or harvested for human consumption and prevents their regeneration

Urban & Transport Development

Destroys, fragments or reduces the quality of available habitats for species and increases both air and water pollution.

Intensive Agriculture & Aquaculture

Leads to the direct destruction of habitats for species and generates pollution due to an excess of nutrients and pesticides.

Climate Change

Modifies habitats, forces species to migrate, and makes conditions harsher for the species that cannot adapt or move.

Invasive Species

Species introduced by man, intentionally or accidentally, that negatively impact the native species.

The Red Alert system is a way to identify and stop (or reduce) emerging threats towards important Mediterranean wetlands and rivers.

Once a Red Alert is launched, we go into action to help community based organizations protect their important natural resources.

Are you a civil society organization in the Mediterranean and you need help in protecting a river or wetland? 

We can help you by developing a strategy to help you draw the attention of society, decision-makers, and the international community to stop the destruction of protected areas.


The Green Light Initiative

The Green Light initiative is a way for communities to garner the best professional support from the Alliance to restore wetlands. This approach aims first to build a comprehensive pan Mediterranean map of sites in which wetland restoration is feasible and can provide long-term benefits to nature and people. We take into account physical factors such as surface hydro-ecological characteristics and land use patterns, local expert’s assessments, and the presence of NGOs able to conduct restoration actions. Then, we work together to make a restoration plan and visual models to encourage decision-makers and donors to start restoration actions in the selected locations. 

Look at Our Impact

40 km of Rivers Protected
6 Significant Policies Influenced
Nearly 60 hectares restored and/or achieving a higher conservation status

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