The Mediterranean Alliance for Wetlands in context

In our interconnected world, the effects of climate change and nature degradation spread out across national borders. Adaptation and conservation strategies have a greater impact when working together among countries and sectors because our actions can cascade from country to country.

Wetlands are often considered as big providers of nature-based solutions that can offer a multitude of services of great social, economic and environmental value to humankind. They are one of the most productive ecosystems in the world in terms of biodiversity (home of ⅓ of species) and their protective role in adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change such as droughts, floods and water scarcity is huge.

To effectively protect wetlands in the Mediterranean, a partnership that builds on each other’s capabilities, insights and relationships allows for a broader and more differentiated understanding of context and paves a collective pathway to address challenges.  

First meeting of the members of the Alliance, 2017

What's the Alliance?

The Mediterranean Alliance for Wetlands (MAW) is a partnership of environmental NGOs and research organizations that aims to strengthen the role of civil society in the protection of wetlands in the Mediterranean. Collectively, we work on raising the profile of wetlands in society in general and in particular, in national, regional and international policy through supporting policymakers, managers and other civil society members to develop climate-resilient, inclusive solutions.

The MAW has its own governance scheme and retains its autonomy; is an informal mechanism, meant to be as light, flexible and inclusive as possible to remain open to collaborate with other partnerships and consortiums that aims to protect Nature in the Mediterranean and improve the livelihoods of local communities.  The Alliance works in close collaboration with the Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory and the MedWet Scientific and Technical Network. We are more than 30 organisations working in the Mediterranean and developing joint actions around three main themes: knowledge and innovation, communication and policy.

Training modules

Alliance's mission and actions

We are more than 30 organisations working in the Mediterranean and developing joint actions around three main themes: knowledge and innovation, communication and policy.

Multidirectional exchange and sharing among Alliance members of available knowledge, sources, experiences, best practices, information on model sites, etc.

Rehausser le profil public des zones humides par une communication conjointe utilisant les connaissances scientifiques et un message concerté autour de la valeur des zones humides, des multiples bénéfices et avantages qu’elles procurent aux populations et des solutions potentielles qu’elles offrent face au changement global, y compris le changement climatique.  Aussi, développer la capacité de la société civile pour lui permettre d’être plus efficace dans les actions liées à la gestion et à la conservation des zones humides, en partageant l’expertise technique et en soutenant les initiatives de la société civile.

Relier efficacement les acteurs ou initiatives locaux, nationaux, régionaux et internationaux par des actions conjointes innovantes et concrètes sur des questions politiques et stratégiques prioritaires, et rester à la disposition des autorités publiques pour apporter leur expertise aux politiques publiques.

Our Action types

All these subjects have been materialized in various activities and actions, such as:

Training modules

for the development of strategies to protect Mediterranean wetlands, around topics like restoration of wetlands through water dynamics, advocacy campaigns for wetlands, development of environmental education programs on wetlands, threat management of wetlands, creation of national/local wetlands observatories, etc.

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The Red Alert System

a procedure created by the Alliance to provide international support and expertise to civil society organizations that want to protect a wetland under a threat. Through this action, members of the alliance work together to warn decision makers on the value of the wetland and remind them of their international commitments.


for the management and sustainable development of wetlands, such as the creation of regional observatories, capacity building of local people and local NGOs on wetlands, wetland restoration projects, short films and much more.

Periodical information exchange meetings

and exchange of best practices.

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