Developing a National or Local Observatory of Wetlands

Developing a National or Local Observatory of Wetlands

In the framework of the replication of the trainings suggested in the framework of the project “Capacity building of the civil society of the South and East Mediterranean for a sustainable management of wetlands” to the CSOs working for the protection of nature and wetlands in particular, a training workshop was held in 2 days in Algeria (Batna 2 University) with the participation of 5 CSOs (local and national associations) working in the field of environmental protection, biodiversity and wetlands in particular. Also the workshop was attended by 4 state agencies involved in the management and conservation of wetlands.

 This training workshop had a double objective:

– To transmit the knowledge on the establishment of local or national observatories of wetlands, including training of trainees from local or national CSOs and state agencies involved in the establishment of the Observatory of Wetlands Sebkhets of the Aures ”OZHCSA”.

 – The consultation of the members of the OZHCSA network in order to communicate the steps taken and especially to enrich, discuss and finalize the legal text on the creation of this Observatory.

You can find all the information about this course in this document:

Author: Aymen ABROUGUI

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