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Although Turkey is a wetland rich country, more than 2 million hectares of wetlands have disappeared in the last 70 years due to modification of natural systems. There are many local civil society organizations focused on conservation of wetlands, country wise, but still many wetlands are at the brink of disappearing. Local CSOs are generally lack technical and legislative knowledge, which makes the situation even worse. Doga has been supporting such CSOs via direct communication but with limited resources, the situation is getting hard.

In this project, Doga will develop and implement a capacity-building programme towards local CSOs from different regions of Turkey who request to increase their knowledge and experience on wetland conservation and defence. The project will be implemented with technical support of SAD (Underwater Research Society) and ÇEHAV (Environment and Ecology Rights Lawyers).

AFD-FFEM amount (€) : 12.250
Key component : Cap. Building of local NGOs on wetlands

[Duration: 15 months (Feb 2020- April 2021; Total amount: 123,000 TL (19,150 €); AFD-FFEM: 78,720 TL (12,250 €); co-financing 44,330 TL (6,900 €) from Doga, SAD and CEHAV].

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